Ground & Elevated Photography

In addition to our specialty in aerial photography, we have the skills and equipment to take beautiful, dynamic photos of your location from the ground, or from an elevated height.

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Ground Photography & Video Services

Our skills in aerial photography translate to quality on the ground as well. Showcase your property or services with a professional, lush capture of the exterior or interior. Shots of your location help potential customers recognize and find your business. We specialize in twilight and other ideal lighting times, to emphasize your architecture’s strong points.

Elevated Photography & Video Services

The difference between ground and elevated photography can make a huge difference when advertising your location. With an elevation of just 20 feet, there is a completely different point-of-view which adds a touch of dynamism. Take a look below at the difference between ground and elevated shots. Not sure if ground or elevated, or aerial is the right choice for your project? Contact Us today and we’ll guide you through the process.

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